Physics department of KV, Kathmandu is well equipped with scientific instruments. All necessary facilities for performing scientific experiments, projects and innovative work are available in the lab and students can learn various concepts of physics by doing various scientific activities. Physics department also has a small library in which science and physics books are available for reference.


The main objective of teaching chemistry at senior secondary stage is to make the students capable of studying chemistry in academic and professional courses at tertiary level. Our chemistry lab is well equipped with all laboratory apparatus and chemicals and by doing practicals and projects, students develop problem solving skills in life and also it helps them expose themselves to different processes used in industries and technological application. The practicals in laboratory help the students develop interest in chemistry.




Biology laboratory of KV, Kathmandu is well equipped with scientific instruments, chemicals, human skeleton and enough number of specimens. All necessary facilities are there to perform experiments for secondary and senior secondary classes. The laboratory is equipped with a computer, connected with internet facility to cater to the need of children.



  The school library has more than 15,000 books varying from text books, reference books, dictionaries, children’s books, fiction and non-fiction. All the students of the school are members of the library. Two books can be borrowed at a time. It has a computer too.


To keep pace with the rapidly changing scenario of classrooms and learning with the integration of technology, our Vidyalaya RESOURCE room for the students equipped with LCD projector and screen, TV, educational CDs, Xerox machine and computers was inaugurated by Sri Jaideep Mazumdar, DCM and Chairman, VMC, KV, Kathmandu, on 26th July, 2011.


  Vidyalaya is having Two Computer Lab.Junior and Senior Computer Lab.Equipped with total 62 Computers,LCD Projector Scanner,UPSs and other required peripherals.



e-CLASS Rooms:

Seven (07) Classrooms are well equipped with LCD Projectors,Desktop Computers and Display Screen.