Principal's Message







                  Children resembles the lush green crops on the fertile farmland, who form the foundation  stone of any developed and  progressive  nation. They are the foundation pillars of the future of the nation. They are the roots of the Nation-tree that gives the fruit of work, worship and dedication to the new generation. These children have to go a long way in the future and take the nation on the path to success and glory.

            My joy knows no bounds to belong to the Teaching fraternity as rightly said, Teaching is the only profession. A child is nurtured by his teacher with dedication, intelligence and all virtues. He is sent to the world to use his wit and lay a strong fort for future generation. A student understand and balances his responsibilities and duties. The duty protecting the world and being disciplined is acerbated by the Educator. The abecedary is imputable for the students' creativity, questioning attitude, logical thinking, his faith in his culture and tradition and above all being humane. I strongly believe this devoir could be accomplished with teamwork though demands tremendous energy will be effectuated. "The man who has confidence in himself gains the confidence of others".

                            Let us accomplish things today, which were yesterday's  impossibilities.

                                Best wishes and Blessings !!! 


Mr. A.     Jerald