Principal's Message







        Children resembles the lush green crops on the fertile farmland, who form the foundation stone of any developed and progressive nation. They are the foundation pillars of the future of the nation. They are the roots of the Nation-tree that gives the fruit of work, worship and dedication to the new generation. These children have to go a long way in the future and take the nation on the path to success and glory.

       The primary responsibility for shaping the future of a nation is on three people – mother, father and teacher. Out of these, teachers play a dominant and significant role– as they are specially trained and are specially selected in this great work of nation building and perform this duty to the best of their capacity and ability. A teacher is worthy of the faith and trust of the students, parents and society. A teacher considers it as his/her religion to take this faith and trust with all sincerity and dedication and showers blessings on his/her students in every situation. Teachers build and mould their students like an idol and gives shape to their characters. Their guidelines outline the bright future of the students and create new and hitherto unknown possibilities for them.


      Best wishes and Blessings  


       Mr. A. P. Vinod Kumar